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Beat Manager

Beat Manager offers producers complete beat and voice tag management directly from their desktop.
Enqueue multiple uploads or tasks and let the application work in the background.

Some of the most important features include:
Upload Beats (Max 20 MB / beat)
Upload Voice Tags (Max 20 MB / beat)
Upload WAV (Max 100 MB / beat) (Exclusive Members)
Upload Tracked Out Files (Max 700 MB / beat) (Exclusive Members)
Update Voice Tags
Apply Another Voice Tag to a Beat
Downloads for all your files
Setup Package Deals

*NEW in v1.2 
Bug Fixes and Tracked Out Files limit increased to 700 MB / beat
Version: 1.4
File size: 534 KB
Price: Free
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Additional Requirements: .NET Framework 2.0
Additional Information: Installation Instructions
Features: Voice Tags
Upload (Max 20 MB / beat)
Edit (Title/Default)
Update (Start Interval / Repeat)
Download Original
Download Processed
Change Order
Delete (one or more)
Upload MP3 (Max 20 MB / beat)
Upload WAV (Max 100 MB / beat)
Upload Tracked Out (Max 700 MB / beat)
Edit (Title/Description/Genre/BPM/Samples/Hook)
Change Prices
Apply Another Voice Tag
Download Original MP3
Download MP3 With Voice Tag
Download Wav
Download Tracked Out Files
Change Order
Change All Prices
Delete (one or more)
Package Deals
Enable Package Deals for any license
Setup "free beats" or "cach" Deals
Add/Remove beats to/from Deals
Add/Remove Deals

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